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Ease your apprehension in your real estate transactions knowing that a Certified Military Relocator® has had specialized training to understand the specific needs of the military family when PCSing.


Certified Military Relocator® agents work with you in relocating to your new duty station. Whether renting or buying, your CMR® agent will assist you in finding a home within your BAH. They are knowledgeable about their local base, base housing, the PCS process, the Government Travel Charge Card, the deployment cycle, VA loans, and more.


If you are relocating, a CMR® agent in your area can help with all your PCSing needs!



Military Move Resources

  • Do I need to sell my present home?
  • Did I visit PCSing.com
  • Will I live on base?  Is there housing available?
  • Do I want to buy?
  • Is renting better in my situation?

When you locate a CMR® agent prior to PCSing you'll find someone who has training to understand the PCSing process and the importance of quickly finding housing whether you rent, sell, buy or live on base.